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AL Crafty MOm 


 I am Very Crafty and I am a MOm lol…

Drum Roll 

Please Put it together 

AL Crafty MOm 

I’m from the Philippines, Cebu I have been in the US for 20 plus years married to AL-Geek~Dad AKA Glen who is a Realtor and also runs the back end of our websites and of course my daughter Ashle who is a

A student and 10 years old in the 5th Grade and is the Ashleslist.com from where the rest of this website comes from and is about.

You can find me on YouTube I well post more video’s soon, Love me or Hate me , You only have 2 choices, not to hard to determine lol…Love U.

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Meet our team

There is no limit to what you can accomplish when nobody cares who gets the credit.

ashle d

CEO and Founder

Ashleslist.com and at age 10 is going in to the 5th grade,Tae-Kwon-Do, Belt- Blue-Orange Stripe.



AL-Crafty~MOm YouTube publishing Head of Film and Social Media and marketing



ALGeek~ Dad Head of website maintenance and desktop publishing software and all around fixer

Barbie & Spike

The Real Boss’s

AL-Barbie and AL Spike They are the real Boss’s and Runner of the house. Sleep, Eat, Bark and Poop Repeat.

visit my youtube page at ashleslist.com/mom

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